Irish Car Insurer Gamifies Safe Driving


Ireland-based telematics insurance provider launched an online video game to educate young drivers about vehicle safety; accessible via mobile, desktop and tablet . The game challenges players to drive on a virtual road for as long as possible, with one point being awarded for every second of driving. Play here.


Prizes included.


“We are proud to introduce this game to young drivers today, not only for its impressive gameplay but the noble purpose at its heart” – Alex Todd, brand manager at MCL insurance. Recall. is the trading name of MCL Insurance, offering a telematics device known as “BoxyMo” that allows the company to track how well one drives and how far one drives, with the goal of lowering one’s car insurance premium. Also, the company recently introduced a TV ad, with quite a few characters. Watch.


And meet the characters.


Bottom Line: think outside the BoxyMo.