Introducing telematics-based comparative rater MyCaribu

Mexico City-based insurance aggregator Caribu has launched MyCaribu, the first telematics-based comparative rater in the country. “MyCaribu is the platform that rates each of your car trips and rewards you for arriving safely at your destination. In addition to knowing your driving level and improving on each trip you make, you can easily and cheaply compare and purchase your auto insurance. At MyCaribu we want you to have fun, win and always travel safely.”

MyCaribu records the trips and scores them against a number of key factors including cell phone usage, speed, time of day, fatigue, and smoothness of driving. These scores, along with in-app feedback, provide drivers with an understanding of their behavior behind the wheel. MyCaribu also allows drivers to create a more personalized insurance experience, while the best drivers have the opportunity to be rewarded for good and safe driving practices.

MyCaribu works with the top ten insurers in the country including Chubb, HDI, Qualitas, ANA Insurance and others, to ensure app users benefit from excellent insurance coverage and service.

“Our challenge is to have happy, satisfied and safe users, in addition to being able to counteract the nearly one thousand vehicle accidents that occur daily in Mexico. MyCaribu has clear objectives to ensure that users who download the app become better drivers, receive incredible rewards for every trip where they drive safely, and also acquire their car insurance more easily, thus improving the experience of purchase. By working closely with The Floow over the last few months, we have been able to utilize their telematics technology, through their FloowKit solution, to create a proposition which fulfills what we set out to achieve and we are delighted with the outcomes of our partnership.” – General Manager of MyCaribu, Rafael Rebollar.