Introducing PRIMARY

rent24, the global co-working and co-living provider which recently expanded to the US, is developing a blockchain platform to allows its users to connect, promote services, share knowledge, and apply for funding.


Founded in 2015, rent24 creates and maintains co-working and co-living spaces that enable people to join communities where they can live, learn, work, and develop business ideas together. The company offers different things such as office space, living accommodations, business formation services, and funding, among other things. rent24’s ecosystem consists of 35 operational spaces, with plans to reach 60 by the end of the year, and an “extensive partner alliance”, which includes companies like Allianz, ERGO, and Signal Iduna.



The new blockchain platform, which goes by the name of PRIMARY, aims to bring rent24’s 35 communities worldwide into one decentralized platform. The platform consists of three major components: (1) a decentralized blockchain platform with a reward mechanism built to engage collaboration between its members, (2) partner alliance, to offer physical and digital goods and services, and (3) a token system which links the digitally created value to the real world economy.


“The ‘Bricks & Clicks’ approach of combining our physical locations with technological innovations has always fascinated me. With the new project, we are connecting all members of our community, rewarding interaction and making everyday use of blockchain technology. We will be offering all products and services of rent24 and its alliance partners for our cryptocurrency PRIMARY.” – Founder and CEO of rent24, Robert Bukvic.


“Everybody can access our platform – either as a member or as a partner. With it, we are building a bridge between the digital and real world and offer tangible benefits for every user.” – Cofounder and CMO of rent24, Damian Leich.


The company plans to achieve $500m in sales via an ICO that began on August 1st.