Introducing PolicySweet by Great American

Meet Ohio-based PolicySweet :

Launched this past summer, PolicySweet is a digital platform that promises to simplify the purchase of business insurance and workers’ compensation insurance for specialty food and beverage retailers; “You can quote and bind policies yourself with no agent involvement, you can let our agent quote and bind coverage for you, or you can quote online and then check in with the agent to ask any questions and make sure your selections are appropriate. Similarly, once you become a customer you can handle many service items yourself on our online customer portal or simply have our agent handle things for you. Flexibility for the way YOU like to do business.” Coverage is underwritten by Great American Insurance Company and affiliated companies and is administered by Leavitt Group, one of the largest independently held insurance brokerages in the US.

As it stands, the new brand isn’t well-positioned organically on Google. Policysweet began advertising with Google Ads in July 2019, bidding on 75 keywords such as ‘Hiscox insurance’ and ‘general liability insurance’. In September, it increased the number of keywords it was bidding on to ~1,780, but between October and December, the company placed Google Search ads against an average of 222 keywords. Overall, 64% of the company’s web traffic in the last 3 months originated from paid search and 24% from social advertising.

Get a feel for the flow below:


Speaking of small business, The Hartford allows small business insurance shoppers to get a quote and enter payment details online, however purchasing coverage still requires the customer to speak with a Hartford specialist.