Introducing Pocket Drive by Assurant

The Global Automotive business of Assurant has piloted a launch of Pocket Drive by Assurant, a connected device that enables dealers and their customers to benefit from the vehicle’s data and mobile connectivity.

Pocket Drive plugs into a vehicle’s OBD-II port, collects insights and communicates them via a mobile app. A dealer version allows owners to modernize their operations and create a more streamlined customer experience. A consumer-based version offers customers a safer, simpler and smarter way to drive.



For Dealers

Dealers can sell Pocket Drive as a standalone product or enhancement to a service contract or prepaid maintenance plan. They also can increase visits to the service center through the app’s click-to-call button that pops up in response to proactive maintenance alerts, diagnostic trouble code warnings, recalls and optional promotional offerings.

For Consumers

Pocket Drive provides real-time alerts of vehicle health issues and incidents, roadside assistance, an optional wi-fi hotspot, maintenance reminders, a digital box for storing records and receipts, vehicle tracking and monitoring of driver behavior.


Bottom Line: No sound. No quality.


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