Introducing On-Off Auto Insurance

Thai insurer Thaivivat has teamed up with telecom service provider Advanced Info Service (AIS) to introduce the world’s first insurance policy that automatically switches on when the driver starts the car.

Customers who sign up will be provided with a SIM-card-embedded tracking device to plug into their vehicles. Through Advanced Info Service’s network, the device will send data to Thaivivat that turns on coverage when the car starts and off when the engine is shut down.

Thaivivat has already been selling pay-as-you-drive insurance, but it had to be turned on and off manually via the insurer’s mobile app.

“Thaivivat insurance as the leader of insurance innovation, we are committed to continuously developing insurance products and services for consumers to fit the demands of customers by bringing digital technology and innovation to increase efficiency and make a difference for the product. On this occasion, we are delighted to receive cooperation from AIS in bringing NB-IoT UBI Tracker to enhance our motor insurance service Top-Up and On-Off, which fixed the limitations of use On-Off from traditional users and will help which will help Thaivivat insurance to receive the accurate, correct, and sufficient information and able to efficiently serve our customers, which under this partnership will give customers a better and more comfortable motor insurance experience, and additionally being an answer to the Thai digital lifestyle.” – Jirapan Assawathanakul, president and CEO of Thaivivat Insurance Public Company Limited.