Introducing Omnidya

Meet Omnidya :



The emerging Los Angeles, California-based startup offers consumers their very own bot that can shop for insurance and travel deals on their behalf. The bot is tailored to each consumer’s background – for example, consumers looking for home insurance can either take a “quiz” or upload their current home policy. Then, Omnidya analyzes the risk and consumer profile and finds insurance deals in “under 60 seconds.”



Founded in 2017, Omnidya is led by Founder and CEO Kumar Patel, and is currently a team of five according to LinkedIn. The startup is prompting users to sign up for its beta to receive up to 15 home insurance quotes in 60 seconds, but it looks to be a subscription to an email list.


Last, the startup announced a partnership with Matic Insurance :



Bottom Line: maybe one day we’ll have bots talking to bots…