Introducing Linear Drive&Save

Italian auto insurer Linear Assicurazioni has partnered with Cambridge Mobile Telematics to launch the first Try-Before-You-Buy program.

Since starting the first telematics program in 2005, Unipol has become the largest provider of telematics-based insurance policies, with more than four million UBI customers today .

The program – Linear Drive&Save – is a mobile-only program that invites drivers of all ages to demonstrate how safely they drive and receive up to a 15% discount on their car’s insurance policy. The project has been developed with the technical support of Leithà, Unipol’s solution factory that specializes in data science and computer science.

The Linear Drive&Save app uses CMT’s DriveWell mobile sensing technology. The app collects driving behavior for five weeks, identifying and measuring risky events like speeding, hard braking, rapid acceleration, and phone distraction.

“We are delighted to work with CMT, their expertise and technical capabilities demonstrate mobile telematics is a promising solution for the Italian insurance market. The Linear Drive&Save app enables good drivers to demonstrate they deserve to pay less for their car insurance.” – Andrea Rapetti, CEO of Linear Assicurazioni.