Introducing Liberty Mutual’s ErgoValuator app

Liberty Mutual has launched a new app called ErgoValuator to help policyholders protect their workers. With the app, Liberty Mutual’s Risk Control consultants record a video of an employee performing a task, answer a few questions about the job, and within minutes can understand the likelihood of the task injuring the worker. Videos can also be sent from employers to Liberty Mutual consultants for quick analysis.

“Reducing injuries require employers systematically identify risks, evaluate options and implement best practices, which can be time consuming. We drew on our long tradition of leveraging technology to improve safety – which dates back to the 1980’s – to develop an app that relies on sophisticated artificial intelligence to dramatically speed that process.” – Liberty Mutual Vice President and General Manager of Risk Control, James Merendino.

By superimposing a wireframe skeleton over the image of the worker, the app shows how the current task stresses that individual. The app then reports the percentage of the population that can safely perform the task as currently designed. Employers can then adjust the task, quickly evaluate the new process, and confirm it can be safely performed by more employees.

To build the app, Liberty Mutual partnered with Kinetica Labs.