Introducing Kangaroo Coverage

NYC-based Kangaroo , which develops low-cost motion sensors for home security, is now offering Kangaroo Coverage.

Members (cost of membership is $99 a year) are qualified for up to $1,000-worth of damage per year for (1) a stolen or damaged property as a direct result of a break-in, in an area monitored by a Kangaroo Motion or Motion + Entry Sensor, (2) water damage from a leak originating from inside the home in an area monitored by a Kangaroo Water + Climate Sensor, and/or (3) damage directly caused by fire or smoke within and originating from an area with a Kangaroo Siren + Keypad. Coverage is available to all Kangaroo Complete members. “To get a refund you’ll need your first year paid in full. Monthly users will have the pro-rated cost of the annual plan deducted from their refund.” Finally, this supplementary support for renters and homeowners insurance comes with the promise to respond to a submitted claim within 48 hours, and with cash in your hand within 14 days from approval.