Introducing Hugo Insurance

“Hummingbirds are some of the hardest workers out there. They flap their wings thousands of times a minute just to smell flowers. We like to think that we’re a bit like that hummingbird – working incredibly hard to do our jobs. But we also think all the members of the Hugo community are like that hummingbird – working incredibly hard just to smell the roses.” – From Hugo’s blog.

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Meet Hugo Insurance :


Start With Why

“We spent a year listening to families in South and East LA talk about how much they relied on their cars to get to work, get their kids to school, run errands – basically, to live life. Many also spoke about the friends and family members who had gone into debt because they were forced to drive uninsured, were caught, lost their car (and their job) and had to pay an $800+ fine. When we talked about how they were uninsured, we heard that insurance was hard to afford because it was being sold in 3-month packages, with big agent fees, deposits, and penalties.”


The Santa Monica-based, venture-backed startup, established in 2016 and led by David Bergendahl and Andrew Grapsas, offers “the world’s first pay as you drive liability insurance” starting in California. Underwritten by Aspire General InsuranceHugo’s liability policy pays up to $15k if a person is injured or killed, up to $30k if more than one person is injured or killed, and up to $5k for property damage. Users can text message Hugo to turn coverage on or off, notify that they are in an accident, learn their account balance, add money to their account, and/or receive proof of insurance. And to the million-dollar question: “When you purchase Hugo Insurance, your coverage will be on automatically. To stop coverage and save money on days you don’t drive, just text PAUSE. Our members’ favorite trick is simple: put a post-it or sticky note inside your car that says COVER and PAUSE on it.”

Get a feel for its UI below: