Introducing Glazd

Late last year a trademark application for Glazd was filed. The idea – “downloadable computer software for mobile devices featuring technology to facilitate tenants to network and create events with other tenants in a building, to locate apartment rentals, to purchase renter’s insurance, to obtain discounts and coupons for retailers and restaurants.”

Today, the company is live offering renters insurance from QBE North America .

The Wisconsin-based company was founded last year to help multi-family landlords & developers implement and manage renters insurance and compliance. It may or may not expand to additional products such as a security deposit alternative and rent default recovery.

Finally, according to Crunchbase, Glazd closed a $500,00 funding round this month.

Bottom Line: “Donut sleep on renters insurance. It’s as affordable as a box of donuts and offers you incredible coverage for you and your personal belongings!”