Introducing equipment-as-a-service

Italian Sanixair that specializes in indoor and outdoor air sanitizing solutions has chosen Relayr to integrate digital capabilities in its air sanitization systems with the aim to increase the performance and efficiency of its intelligent services.

In order to ensure continuous monitoring of air sanitation in compliance with health regulations, Sanixair wanted to enable a predictive maintenance system that contained service costs, but also optimized maintenance cycles and sent alerts in case of malfunction.

Relayr’s solutions allow Sanixair to analyze data collected by the devices in the field and identify potential abnormal behavior and act upon it before it impacts activities and systems. Devices will be insured to guarantee overall equipment efficiency, reduced downtime and energy savings. Together, the two will be able to monitor all active Sanixair devices, keeping under control information about temperature, humidity levels, air quality and service – allowing Sanixair to offer a complete solution to hotels, offices, hospitals, canteens and generally to any environment where the counts of bacteria is essential, not only for compliance with current regulations, but for people’s well-being.