Introducing DriveU Secure Powered by Acko

Digital insurer Acko has partnered with on demand driver service DriveU to offer trip coverage for car owners who hire drivers to drive them to their destinations. Refresher: DriveU is a Bangalore-based company, established in 2015, to offer a convenient and a quick way of getting on demand drivers for consumers and businesses. It has since raised $4m funding. 

The Idea – the first ever pay as you go trip insurance, while being chauffeured. “DriveU Secure in partnership with Acko insures customers, and their vehicles, during the entire duration of the drive for a nominal premium amount from ₹10 to ₹40, depending on type of car and trip type. When a user opts-in to DriveU Secure, they receive a range of benefits from vehicle damage coverage of up to ₹20,000*, to medical allowance of up to ₹1,00,000.”