Introducing Collective Health Partner Program

Collective Health recently announced the Collective Health Partner Program to make it easier and faster for employers to choose, implement, and manage the explosion of targeted care solutions increasingly used to complement traditional health plans.

The first delivery of the Program bundles offerings from founding members, including Omada, Lyra, Doctor on Demand, and Ovia Health. These offerings integrate several solutions that help employers quickly address some of the most pressing healthcare issues affecting their people and their companies’ bottom lines, such as behavioral health, maternity and fertility, and streamlined access to providers.

The initial bundles are:

(1) Care Essentials: Offerings from companies including Doctor on Demand, 2nd.MD, Lyra, and Ovia Health comprise the elements of a pioneering health plan – telehealth, behavioral health, expert decision support, and maternity—to help provide a forward-looking benefits experience.

(2) Fertility and Maternity: Offerings from companies including Progyny and Ovia Health help people grow their families with fertility services and maternity tracking, as well as parenting guidance ranging from tracking their children’s milestones to connecting with other parents.

(3) Behavioral Health: Offerings from companies including Lyra, Big Health (Sleepio), and Rethink help people manage prevalent issues including sleep, stress and anxiety, depression and mood disorders, substance-use disorders, and autism and developmental needs.

(4) Connected Care: Offerings from companies including Doctor on Demand, 2nd.MD, and Wellthy help members take advantage of innovative care access options including telehealth, expert decision support, and care delivery and caregiver services.



“In today’s employer-driven healthcare economy, companies are forging exciting new care paths that tackle the persistent issues responsible for high healthcare costs and suboptimal outcomes. While employers are increasingly adopting these solutions, without a common platform to streamline management, quickly assess what’s working, and deliver intelligent, personalized recommendations, they’re drowning in administrative complexities and struggling to engage their people. Imagine a doctor trying to help a patient without access to their health history, or data on treatments’ efficacy, then giving the patient half a dozen possible prescriptions – that’s the state of today’s employers’ increasingly complex healthcare businesses. It’s far past time companies had a holistic technology solution to manage their $1.2 trillion annual spend and seamlessly help their people get the right care.” – Cofounder and Chief Health Officer of Collective Health, Dr. Rajaie Batniji.