Introducing AXA UK body camera initiative for contractors

The AXA UK body camera initiative for flammable cladding safety marks a stride in improving building safety, according to the insurer .

In response to issues highlighted by the Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017, AXA UK has adopted this body camera initiative. The aim is to guarantee documentation of refurbishment works on buildings with flammable cladding, a step towards mitigating fire hazards.

This initiative equips contractors with Motorola Solutions VT100 body cameras, a technology trusted by the UK’s emergency services. These cameras are integral in recording safety work. Recordings provide detailed information about the materials used and showcase evidence of sound working practices and site management.

The use of body cameras transcends mere recording; it revolutionizes the way underwriters assess risks and quote policies. The visual evidence provides a record of the remediation efforts. As such, it improves the confidence in risk assessment both now and in the future. The initiative is a protective measure for customers that also ensures that work adheres to high standards – using appropriate materials.

Moreover, the AXA UK initiative extends to capturing how protective systems like sprinklers and alarms are installed. This weekly video capture supplements regular site visits, offering an additional layer of scrutiny and quality assurance. Once completed, the remediated buildings will likely show an improved risk profile, leading to positively impacted policy premiums.

On mobile video solutions

“Our Business Resilience Team has been capturing videos of commercial risks in this way for the past three years for underwriters to review, so it made sense to extend this practice to these building remediations.” – Dougie Barnett, Director of Customer Risk Management at AXA Commercial.

Bottom Line: AXA is funding this initiative with a dual goal: to protect their customers and to ensure that the remediation work on buildings is carried out to the required standard using the correct materials.