Introducing an Emerging and Seasoned Entrant

Meet Salt, the one with the know-how when it comes to custom online insurance quotes, curated for the spice of your life:



Think: a new brand by Grapevine, TX-based Box Insurance (that has been in business since 1920) that is looking to offer home and auto insurance. “At Salt Insurance we make buying home and auto insurance simple. Quick, online new school experience and expertise of an old school establishment. You probably don’t mind transferring risk if you know what it costs? At Salt Insure we strive to be completely transparent. Now you know what you’re on the hook for. And the rest? Well, rest assured we will take care of it for you. We appreciate that you’ve got some smarts because Salt can align your head, your heart and your wallet. As a bird builds its nest, we can build the best home and auto coverage with you.” Bottom Line: an emerging brand.