Introducing Ametros Banking

Radius Bank has announced its partnership with Ametros, which offers personal injury settlement solutions and post-settlement administration services. Through the partnership, Ametros members can now have non-medical settlement funds automatically deposited into a white-labeled Ametros Checking or Savings account for easy account management.

Founded in 2010, Ametros provides individuals that settle their personal injury case with medical management services, medical and pharmacy discounts along with automated payment technology and Medicare reporting tools. Radius partnered with the settlement solutions company to power Ametros Banking, as they saw a strong cultural alignment between the two organizations, with both focused on transforming customer experiences by developing products for targeted client segments.

Ametros Banking is now available to Ametros members nationwide and offers the following benefits upon account approval:

  • Earn 0.10% APY on the entire balance
  • No monthly service fees or minimum balance requirements
  • FDIC insurance
  • Debit card to make purchases, access ATMs, and use mobile wallets
  • Free ATMs worldwide and unlimited ATM fee rebates
  • First order of checks is free
  • Eligible for early direct deposit where available

Members may manage the funds they receive from their settlement through the Radius Bank online banking platform or through the Radius mobile app where they can also use the Radius personal financial management tools to create a budget, track their spending, use mobile check deposit, and pay bills online.

In the near-term, Radius and Ametros also plan to provide Ametros members with the option to open a high-interest savings account to support their long-term financial needs.