Introducing Allianz Safe Home

Allianz France has launched Allianz Safe Home, a subscription service developed in partnership with Allianz Partners and its subsidiary Tel2S, to protect homes against domestic risks by alerting customers in case of fire or smoke, and offering immediate help, even when customers are unreachable.



The service, which costs €4.50 a month, was co-built with Portugal-based Muzzley, an IoT company that provides a single entry point for a variety of connected devices. Muzzley’s technology allows customers to choose from a list of compatible devices and control them all via the Allianz Safe Home app. In addition to smoke and fire detectors, Allianz Safe Home also offers subscribers the option to add connected cameras, and future plans include a water leak detector.


“Connectivity is becoming increasingly important in the home, allowing us to be alerted quickly in the event of a problem. Allianz Safe Home allows to manage serenely and effectively alerts. By integrating all the connected objects on the same application and linking them to an automated assistance service, Allianz France is taking a key step in the service provided to its customers in the personalized prevention of domestic risks. Allianz Safe Home offers the means to disconnect in peace and better manage the unexpected, sure that Allianz takes over.” – Markets Director of Allianz France, Alian Burtin.


The service is available for everyone in France, and those with an Allianz home insurance policy will receive a 15% discount on their annual premium.