Intact Chooses TrueMotion for Smartphone Telematics

Smartphone telematics provider TrueMotion announced a new partnership with Canadian P&C insurer Intact Financial to leverage data-driven insights powered by TrueMotion’s patented platform to create more personalized services and enhance the driving experience for its customers across Canada.



“Since the inception of our telematics program, we’ve seen the value UBI data delivers for customers as well as our business. TrueMotion’s mobile platform delivers unprecedented depth and quality of driving insights, strengthening our ability to accurately measure driver behavior. We also believe this will continue to encourage good driving habits, making roads safer for everyone” – EVP and COO, Intact Financial Corporation, Mathieu Lamy.


With the insights provided by TrueMotion, Intact customers can look forward to a more holistic and personalized customer experience, on top of more accurate premium pricing based on good driving behavior.


The auto insurance industry is undergoing a major shift, with carriers looking to attract new customers and deepen relationships with existing ones . Intact is visionary in its use of telematics to drive engagement. We look forward to powering their innovative digital programming” – TrueMotion CEO, Ted Gramer.


Refresher: the Boston-based company, established in 2012, was formerly known as Censio. It has raised $10M since its inception and considers Progressive, MetLife, AmFam (to name three) as clients.


Speaking of AmFam, its UBI program KnowYourDrive is also powered by Automatic that provides the mobile app and adapter. Happy tweet, below.



Bottom Line: hardly a product that sells itself.