Insurtech Gateway backs Kita

UK-based Kita , the world’s first carbon insurer, has raised ~$437,000 in a pre-seed round led by Insurtech Gateway , alongside investors Carbon13, Climate VC and Echelon Capital.

“The world is in a climate crisis, and carbon removal is an essential part of the solution. However, carbon removal is new, faces unique risks, and lack of insurance to address these risks is holding back development at the rate the world needs. Kita believes insurance is a crucial enabler – by removing risk and increasing trust in the market, insurance will help drive capital to help quality carbon removal projects scale. We are passionate about bringing these dedicated carbon insurance products to market and we are thrilled to be working with Insurtech Gateway to do it at speed.” – Natalia Dorfman, Co-founder and CEO of Kita.

“Kita has found a very interesting role for insurance to play in accelerating the growth of carbon removal markets, and we believe the Kita team are the best people for the job. We are excited to help them get their product into market.” – Stephen Brittain, Co founder, Insurtech Gateway.

This pre-seed round will accelerate Kita’s product build and hiring to launch its essential carbon insurance products.