Insurent Partners with Igluu

The chicken or the egg is a great paradox, but when it comes to lease guarantee, people normally find an apartment before looking for a guarantor. That didn’t stop Insurent, “the first and leading institutional guarantor of residential leases,” to link to Igluu’s apartment listing portal, allowing its website visitors to search for apartments “in buildings that accept the Insurent Lease Guaranty.”

“We’re excited that our partnership with Igluu provides a seamless and superior apartment search experience for renters that can be accessed directly from our website. This will also help landlords by driving more renters to their available apartments and is part of our deep commitment to innovative solutions that help building owners and property managers reduce their vacancies, quickly close more leases, and eliminate rent loss, all at no cost to the owner.” – Vice Chairman & Chief Operating Officer, Insurent, Jeffrey Geller.

Based in NY, Igluu also has partnerships with Lemonade and Rhino.

Recall: Rhino can also act as a guarantor, but by the look of things, Insurent offers the guarantor service and Rhino offers the alternative for rent deposit.

Speaking of Rhino, the startup now offers “Deposit-Free Working,” an alternative for office security deposits.

Bottom Line: “We’re sorry but…” and “we’re sorry but…