Insurance Via Airtime

MTN Ghana, a leading telecommunication company, has launched aYo Recharge with Care, a new insurance product for its subscribers in partnership with aYo Ghana Intermediaries Limited and MetLife. The product, which is offered exclusively on the MTN network for subscribers between the ages of 18-65, offers two different policies: (1) a life insurance policy and (2) a policy that pays when one is hospitalized due to accident or illness.



Here’s how it works: subscribers sign up via phone by dialing a number. They then choose the policy they want, along with adding a beneficiary or caretaker. Then, all that’s left is to buy MTN airtime and load it for the policy to be active. The coverage amounts are based on the amount of airtime a subscriber loads – more airtime means more coverage.


“Recharge with care has been designed specifically for everybody, but most importantly for the informal workers – our traders, drivers, mechanics and any other person who seems excluded from the banking and insurance system” – Country Director of Ayo Intermediaries, Francis Gota.