Insurance startup Ennabl raises $4 million

According to filings with the SEC submitted on October 6, Ennabl raised $4 million in new funding.

Founded in 2020, Ennabl is a Greenwich-based startup led by founder and CEO who founded and sold his data company RiskMatch, a business intelligence and analytics platform that was established in 2013, to Vertafore in 2017.

The company is developing a platform that unifies, organizes, and advances enriched data to accelerate the ability of insurance brokers and agents to source, advise and manage clients. “AMS, CRM, Carriers and Analytics providers have clear access to your data – in pieces. Brokers spend 80% of their time collecting, entering, correcting and collating from various partners. And they still don’t have the complete picture. ennablData is an industry cloud that unifies your scattered data, structures it to industry standards, enriches it with external data, and manages the storage solution for you. ennablData is accessible natively or with the BI tool of your choice.”