Inigo partners with Samsara to launch insurance solutions for US companies with large auto fleets

Inigo Insurance has teamed up with Samsara to introduce a new insurance product for cars in the US, focusing on large vehicle fleets.

This product uses data from Samsara’s advanced technology to help decide insurance prices based on how safely vehicles are driven and other safety measures. Samsara’s equipment, including smart cameras and devices, collects real-time information on driving and vehicle safety, making it easier to spot and address risks early on.

Inigo’s new insurance solution is distributed by Marsh and is now available across the US. It launched at the start of 2024 and has quickly gained attention from some of the biggest trucking companies. The goal of this partnership is to make roads safer by using data to get a clearer picture of how fleets operate, which in turn can help reduce accidents and losses. This approach also offers a chance for clients to better understand and manage their risks, potentially unlocking new opportunities for their business.

“Our core belief is that data science can provide different perspectives on risk. When we met with Samsara and realized just how effective their product is, we knew that working together, we could find an innovative new product for the market. We believe analysis of different datasets has demonstrated that a robust deployment of Samsara’s telematics and safety solutions will lead to a much better understanding of fleet performance and management, making a material impact on loss frequency and serving to make the roads safer. We see a further opportunity to work with clients to help them understand and contain risk to unlock business potential.” – Craig Knightley, Insurance Chief Underwriting Officer at Inigo.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Inigo into Samsara’s growing ecosystem as our latest insurance partner. By leveraging data from our platform to help provide more accurate risk assessments, Inigo is taking an innovative and data-driven approach to improving safety standards and encouraging safer driving behaviour among some of the biggest names in the fleet industry.” – Ursula Worth, VP of Channel Sales & Strategic Partnerships at Samsara.