[Infographic] Step One to Impactful Innovation in Life Insurance

Many of us say we want to be innovative, but we end up spending too much of our time putting out fires and managing day-to-day responsibilities. The reality is, when it comes to innovating, finding the time to do so isn’t even the biggest challenge, it’s that we are concentrating on solving the wrong problems.

If we truly want to innovate, the problems that have the potential to be transformative are the problems we should be focused. At RGAX, we like to refer to these as Wicked problems. However, with so many challenges vying for attention, identifying the right one to focus on can be difficult.

This infographic offers an easy, step-by-step diagnosis for identifying the problems that qualify as “Wicked” and therefore have the potential to yield truly innovative solutions. Examine your specific business friction points through this lens to help determine which ones can lead you to industry transformation.

Once you’ve identified the right problem to solve, a Life Design Sprint can be a reliable, efficient way to develop a creative, workable solution. Learn more about Life Design Sprints and how they work in our eBook, How to Accelerate Innovation in Life Insurance, Part One: Your Introduction to Life Design Sprints.

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How to Accelerate Innovation in Life Insurance
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