Imburse introduces MicroSavings

Zurich-based payments platform Imburse  has launched a new product called MicroSavings, an integrated savings feature for insurance companies and financial institutions to automate incremental consumer savings. It allows organizations to enhance their products with flexible savings functionality, where customers can automatically round up every card purchase to the nearest euro or set a daily or weekly percentage savings target.

“The launch of MicroSavings comes at a time in which insurance and banking industries are changing rapidly, with emerging technologies casting a shadow on the capabilities of traditional banks and insurers. We are seeking to modernise, transform, and digitize their systems in a sustainable and future-proof way, allowing global banks and insurers to not only keep up with but embrace fintech and insurtech solutions with ease. At Imburse Payments, we want to help accelerate their efforts to help insurance carriers do business more efficiently while helping them engage with consumers through giving something back. We hope to improve customer spending habits without endless complications that often arise from payment providers and saving engine integration.” – Imburse CEO and Co-Founder Oliver Werneyer.