IBM and Salesforce aim to boost efficiency through the use of generative AI

IBM and Salesforce revealed a partnership aimed at expediting the integration of AI into CRM systems for global businesses. The collaboration aims to transform customer, partner, and employee interactions, while also prioritizing data security.

IBM Consulting is offering its specialized industry knowledge and IBM Garage methodology to help businesses adopt and implement Salesforce’s AI offerings, such as Einstein, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Slack.

To enhance data analytics and insights, IBM Consulting will also provide Watsonx, an AI and data platform that integrates well with Salesforce’s AI tools. Watsonx can unlock data from backend systems to enrich user and employee experiences.

To speed up implementation and value realization, IBM Consulting Managed Services offers a set of AI experience accelerators for Salesforce. This service framework assists clients in deploying, scaling, and improving Salesforce capabilities. For instance, IBM’s AI-based Data Classifier tool, trained on industry-relevant data, simplifies the data mapping process.

“We see how the need to increase employee productivity while simultaneously elevating the customer experience with speed, personalization, and convenience has surged exponentially. Through our collaboration with Salesforce, we can help empower enterprise clients to scale and accelerate the adoption of generative AI that will support them to meet their business needs.” – Matt Candy, Global Managing Partner, Generative AI, IBM Consulting.