I Signed Up for eusoh

I signed up for Eusoh , aka “the cheapest alternative to pet insurance.” Get a feel for the flow below:

Refresher: Los Angeles-based eusoh is a crowd-sharing platform for pet care that has raised $2m to offer an alternative for pet insurance. A member pays $10 a month (a subscription fee to utilize the system) to form or join a community. In the event of an expense, a member uploads a photo of his/her receipt to eusoh, answers a few questions and the cost gets sent into the system. An audit administrator verifies that this payment really happened and that it is something the group agreed to help one another with. Members can view in advance the list of services – and what people are paying for these services. “Our modeling, on which our software is based, has indicated that you should not expect to ever pay more than $48 in any given month, and for most months, less than that.”

Last, Willis Re is a partner.

Bottom Line: offered digitally, sans certainty (in pricing).