Hub International launches HUB Care Concierge in Canada

Global insurance broker and financial services firm HUB International announced the launch of HUB Care Concierge, a technology platform for employers to support employees with their health and wellbeing and to help improve productivity and retention.

HUB Care Concierge provides a “seamless, integrated user experience” to manage organizational and employee health, wellbeing and performance in one single destination. Employees gain 24/7 access to care advocates who provide care and advice on a wide range of situations from personal crisis to mindfulness-based preventative lifestyle tools. There are several services available based on the plan coverage, including primary care, face-to-face online counseling, specialized digital therapy, health risk assessments, wellness content, financial assistance, legal assistance, nutritional consultation and mindfulness programs.

The platform provides connection via encrypted video in both French and English across Canada.

“At HUB, we’re focused on the entire continuum of employee health – prevention, intervention and recovery, and HUB Care Concierge is an exciting evolution of virtual healthcare services. Providing personalized support to employees for their physical and mental health is important for employers now more than ever, and access to delivery platforms and benefits such as HUB Care Concierge can help improve employees’ physical and mental wellness, and in turn, increase workforce productivity and retention.” – Faizal Mitha, chief innovation officer, HUB International Canada.