Hub embeds auto insurance via Wayne Reaves

VIU by HUB is partnering with Wayne Reaves , an automotive Dealer Management System provider to independent auto dealers since 1987, to offer embedded car insurance.

Wayne Reaves Software has served more than 28,000 auto dealers throughout the U.S.

“Embedding VIU by HUB into the car-buying process is a win for both customers and dealers. This partnership with Wayne Reaves, which is already well-known and trusted among auto dealers, ups the game for auto dealers looking for unique ways to increase customer conversion rates and build adjacent revenue through a service that adds value to car buyers.” – Bryan Davis, EVP, Head of VIU.

“Simplifying the car buying experience for both the independent auto dealers we serve, and their clients, is something we are always striving to do. By integrating VIU by HUB into our DMS, we are not only accomplishing that but helping our partners maximize opportunities to drive revenue, strengthen customer loyalty and support growth beyond the auto sale itself.” – Jason Reaves, President of Wayne Reaves Software.