HSB adds cyber safety tools to its cyber protection policy

Specialty insurer HSB has partnered with IronSDN to add its app-based cyber risk management tools to HSB’s coverage for consumers and their families.

WhiteHaX CyberSafe, developed by IronSDN, is a risk verification and protection app for smartphones and other personal devices. The app is available to individuals insured by HSB’s Home Cyber Protection, which is added to the homeowners policies of personal lines insurers that work with HSB.

The WhiteHaX app also will be available as part of HSB’s new personal standalone cyber insurance program, MyCyberProtection™, through HSB’s insurance affinity group and digital partners.

The WhiteHaX app analyzes the security of iOS and Android devices, including mobile phones, and tablets, with proprietary threat intelligence that is updated daily to help prevent phishing, malware, and other cyber risks.

A single user sign-up tracks the security and privacy of up to four devices in the household, with the ability to check the status of all devices at home and away with one click.

A virtual privacy network (VPN) can encrypt data to help fight cyber threats and online tracking, while on-demand Wi-Fi scans quickly assess if a public or private network is safe.

Bottom Line: The WhiteHaX CyberSafe app puts the power of privacy and cybersecurity in the hands of HSB customers