Hopper raises $96 million

Travel platform Hopper has secured a $96 million follow on investment from Capital One. Capital One previously led Hopper’s Series F round in March of 2021. Last year, Hopper and Capital One teamed up to launch Capital One Travel, a travel booking experience with “industry-leading cardholder benefits.”

As a part of the funding, Hopper is extending its partnership with Capital One to create new travel products aimed at Capital One customers.

Hopper is on track to sell $4.5 billion in travel and travel fintech this year across flights, hotels, homes and rental cars. Some of its “travel fintech” products include Price Freeze and Flight Disruption Guarantee. The company also offers traditional travel insurance in partnership with Aon.

Last year, Hopper launched Hopper Cloud, its B2B initiative. Through this partnership program, any travel provider can integrate and distribute Hopper’s fintech or travel agency content. Additionally, Hopper Cloud offers white-label travel portals for companies that want to get into the travel space.

“Capital One has invested heavily in our own tech journey to ensure we can be nimble and innovate on our platforms and experiences at scale. With Hopper, we have found a partner who can not only match that pace, but help us continue to challenge the status quo and take a differentiated approach to building a world class travel brand. Through this strategic partnership, we’re well-positioned to adapt to a rapidly changing travel environment and create industry-leading solutions for our customers along their travel journey.” – Matt Knise, managing vice president of U.S. Card at Capital One.

“We are thrilled to be extending our partnership with Capital One to further the growth and expansion of Capital One Travel. We look forward to continuing to deliver a game-changing travel booking experience that evolves to meet the next generation of customers’ needs.” – Frederic Lalonde, CEO and co-founder of Hopper.