Honeycomb + Roofer.com = The Future

Honeycomb Insurance, a leading provider of innovative real estate insurance solutions, has partnered with Roofer.com, a drone & AI-based platform for roof inspections & servicing. 

This collaboration revolutionizes commercial habitational protection by combining Honeycomb Insurance’s expertise and technology in underwriting multi-family properties with Roofer.com’s technology & service business units.

Roofer.com utilizes drones and AI to swiftly scan roofs, detect issues accurately, and provide estimates on service recommendations, as well as perform the necessary work required. By integrating Honeycomb Insurance’s offerings into Roofer.com’s platform, property owners can now easily obtain insurance coverage tailored to their specific property requirements through Honeycomb’s seamless quoting platform. By investing in their properties, these owners also benefit from improved coverage terms through new roof discounts, lowered deductibles and stable and continuous coverage.

“We are excited to collaborate with Honeycomb Insurance to enhance the insurance experience for our users,” said Nathan Mathews, CEO of Roofer.com. “This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to provide property owners with access to reliable roofing services while offering them peace of mind through comprehensive insurance coverage.”

Together, Honeycomb Insurance and Roofer.com are committed to delivering unparalleled value to landlords and property managers, ensuring they have the support and resources necessary to protect their property from unexpected events.

For more information about Honeycomb Insurance, visit https://honeycombinsurance.com

For more information about Roofer.com, visit https://www.roofer.com/

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