Hiscox launches brand campaign

Hiscox has introduced a new national advertising campaign in the UK.

This campaign highlights the narratives of small businesses, presenting their challenges and risks through a series of cleverly depicted situations. The tagline for this campaign is ‘The story of your business, underwritten by Hiscox.’

The campaign’s design was done by the creative firm Uncommon, with media purchases and planning managed by Total Media. The promotional strategy includes a mix of radio ads, digital marketing and public relations activity.

Initially, the campaign is directed at SMEs, a key demographic for Hiscox. There will also be specific promotions targeting insurance agents released this week. Additionally, a campaign focusing on premium homeowners is anticipated either later this year or in early 2024.

Beyond traditional advertising platforms, this campaign integrates outdoor promotional methods that physically symbolize the risks depicted in the advertisements. For instance, one billboard showcases water flowing over it, illustrating potential water damage from pipe leaks. Another showcases apparent electrical wires, emphasizing electrical dangers. Additionally, ads that seem replicated or incorrectly placed will also be featured across 17 locations in the UK.

“Hiscox is a different type of insurer. We are specialists, not generalists and our advertising reflects that. In a category that’s often serious and cautious, we’ve created a campaign with a distinctive visual approach and intelligent humour that’s rooted in deep insight, to stand apart.” – Fiona Mayo, UK Marketing Director, Hiscox UK.