Hi Marley, Plymouth Rock expand relationship post pilot

Plymouth Rock and Hi Marley announced the expansion of a pilot program that uses intelligent text messaging to manage and resolve auto insurance claims. Using Hi Marley, insurance customers can efficiently arrange nearly all aspects of the claims process through convenient text messaging rather than through traditional phone calls and scheduled appointments. Plymouth Rock, known for its friendly customer service, with a unique human touch free of insurance company bureaucracy, enlisted Hi Marley to meet a growing customer preference to conduct business via text message. Customers also enjoy a claims process built around their needs and convenience instead of an internally-focused company claims process.

“Getting into a car accident can be both traumatic and inconvenient,” said Mary Boyd, President and CEO, Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation. “While we can’t prevent accidents from happening, we can make the claims experience as fast, fair and fearless as possible. Hi Marley is helping us do that by enabling our customers to communicate with us about their claim in a way they often prefer – via text message. This customer-focused process allows our claims adjusters to be incredibly responsive, reducing the complexity that customers often associate with settling a claim, and accelerating the time to get our customers back into their repaired or replaced vehicles.”

Hi Marley’s AI-enabled SMS texting platform facilitates communication between insureds and the entire insurance ecosystem. The platform also manages the entire claims process in a single, unified conversation that allows for asynchronous and real time communication with automatic translation into 25+ languages for secure, accurate and quick claims resolution.

During the pilot, Plymouth Rock used Hi Marley’s platform to handle more than 2,500 claims, increased its customer satisfaction ratings, reduced rental days and lowered operational costs. Based on the success in claims, improved accessibility, and speed of communication across customer and agent interactions, Plymouth Rock will expand its work with Hi Marley to design and deploy intelligent SMS text messaging across all customer and agent-facing interactions – from initial policy purchase, to service and renewal.

“Plymouth Rock is a valued partner and a forward-thinking insurance company,” added Mike Greene, Hi Marley CEO. “They appreciate innovative technology and its ability to make life easier and better for employees and customers. After successfully implementing Hi Marley to expedite the claims experience, we’re eager to see it improve communication in other customer-focused areas of the company.”

According to Boyd, “The Hi Marley platform is helping our insurance business level-up to, and even exceed, the expectations of our customers that are used to mobile-enabled experience in most other aspects of their life. Combining Hi Marley’s technology and the Plymouth Rock brand of uniquely human service, we are delivering proof that by meeting customers where they are and offering satisfying service, we can build a stronger business.”

Plymouth Rock will extend use of Hi Marley in its mission of providing rock solid coverage with an uncommonly human touch to transform insurance from a low-interest, low-engagement necessity into a high-value reciprocal relationship with the customer and company.