Helvetia and MoneyPark Create a Joint Sales Strategy

Helvetia has joined forces with MoneyPark, the largest independent Swiss mortgage broker; now, Helvetia mortgage customers will be served by an exclusive Helvetia-based MoneyPark advisory team. This way, Helvetia customers benefit from “an even wider product range” and Helvetia has the opportunity to “exploit the market potential in a more targeted manner.” So far, Helvetia has had to repeatedly reject customers who are interested in a mortgage, because the desired model either was not offered or the mortgage capacity of Helvetia were already exhausted due to regulatory restrictions.



If a Helvetia client requests mortgage advice, he/she will be met with a MoneyPark consultant, who will work with the Helvetia agency. The customer benefits from the independent advice provided by MoneyPark and has access to the largest selection of providers in Switzerland as well as all mortgage models represented in the market.

“The joint sales approach with MoneyPark enables us to offer our clients optimal and independent mortgage advice with the best possible conditions. The offer is unique in the market. In addition, we fully exploit the market potential of our own sales network and the numerous customer contacts of our approximately 900 client advisors in the mortgage business.” – Helvetia Group CIO, Ralph Honegger.