Hellas Direct introduces wallet +

Hellas Direct, a Greek digital insurer, has launched wallet +, an installment plan without a credit card, which allows a large expense to be divided into smaller and manageable pieces.

For starters, the service is available to use when paying for road tax and car or motorcycle insurance. Other services such as service, tire change, repairs, will be available in the future.

Wallet + is implemented in collaboration with “a large credit institution.” Hellas Direct’s goal is to expand its cooperation with all major banks in Greece but also with selected credit institutions abroad, providing its policyholders with a wider range of options.

“The vehicle fleet in Greece averages 15-year-old vehicles and is the second oldest in Europe, behind only Lithuania. More and more insured people expressed to us the need for a one-stop shop service to finance their mobility needs. We promised to find a way. And with wallet + we come closer to the implementation of this commitment.” – Alexis Pantazis, CEO and co-founder of Hellas Direct .

Here’s how it works: A user visits the Wallet + website to request financing. The app is then forwarded to the cooperating bank and with its approval of the payment for road tax and insurance, the driver receives the insurance policy and the receipt of payment. The loan will be repaid in 12 fixed monthly installments.

Bottom Line: Going above and beyond insurance is a trending strategy.