Helix announces new branding initiative

Healix , an international firm specializing in healthcare and risk management, announced its recent branding overhaul, marking a pivotal phase in its journey.

This rebranding initiative consolidates the varied offerings of Healix and aligns with the company’s remarkable growth metrics. Since 2021, Healix Health’s revenue soared by 80%, while the company’s employee base expanded by over 40%.

Enhancing their commitment to leading in healthcare and risk management realms, the brand transformation is closely aligned with Healix’s establishment of new operational hubs in both the UK and Canada. Recent milestones include the inauguration of their Vancouver facility earlier this year and the new Broad Quay site in Bristol just a month ago.

Healix, founded by Dr. Paul Beven and Dr. Peter Mason, initially concentrated on emergency medical assistance grounded in clinical proficiency. Today, its offerings have expanded, encompassing domains like security advisory, travel risk solutions, and corporate healthcare trusts.

“One clear, cohesive brand identity will clearly communicate the breadth and range of our solutions designed to service clients who want more control and flexibility over their health, travel and risk management provision.” – Charlie Butcher, CEO, Healix International.