Hedvig Raises €2.85M to Provide Childish Easy Insurance

Stockholm-based Hedvig has raised €2.85m from European investors, including Cherry Ventures and Khaled Helioui.


“We’re thrilled to have high-caliber investors Cherry Ventures and Khaled Helioui join our current backers and put their trust in Hedvig. Their experience from turning startups into industry leaders is an incredible asset as we accelerate our growth plans. Customers are not getting the user-friendly experience they deserve from the incumbent insurers. It is quite natural, since more complexity and friction gets people to use their insurance less – a profitable strategy for insurers. This goes against everything we believe in, and therefore we are turning it around completely. Our mission is to make home insurance an incredible experience that people use .” – Hedvig cofounder and CEO, Lucas Carlsén.




Established in 2016 and launched in May this year, the company provides home insurance underwritten by Inter Hannover in which the startup retains a 20% fee and returns any unclaimed money to charity. Bottom Line: Lemonade comes to mind.