HealthyHealth Raises $1.2M

Qumata  has announced a $1.2m financing round led by TMT Investments.

Established in 2017, HealthyHealth uses digital data from mobile phones and wearables to assess one’s health risks with no need to fill in long questionnaires or to visit a doctor. This is being integrated into markets still using traditional health assessments, such as life/health insurance, employee benefits and public health.

The investment will be primarily used to drive expansion with existing clients and developing new ones, as well as building out their product offerings.

“We are very excited to be able to have such great investors onboard and being able to scale our business to new heights. The whole team is looking forward to making health assessments digital.” – HealthyHealth CEO Luca Schnettler.

“We are delighted to back London-based HEALTHYHEALTH-UK Ltd. as it continues to implement its products among the largest UK and international-based companies. TMT is very pleased to have identified this investment opportunity, which combines a great sales pipeline with some of the best health tech innovations on the market.” – Deputy Investment Director at TMT Investments, Levan Kavataradze.