Health and technology startup Sofia announces Series A investment

Mexico City-based telemedicine and insurance platform Sofía announced regulatory authorization by the National Commission of Insurance and Surety, as well as the launch of its Health Plan and a Series A investment round of 19 million dollars led by Index Ventures. This investment will allow Sofía to continue developing its Health Plan.

“We are very excited that this project is a reality today and we can finally begin to change the way millions of people take care of their health. By living and working abroad, Manuel, Sebastian and I were able to experience a better way to take care of our health, with simpler access and without complications, enabled by technology. We are excited to return to Mexico, now with Index Ventures. ” Founder and CEO, Arturo Sánchez.

“We are more than a health insurance or medical expenses or a telemedicine app like so many that were born in the pandemic. We want to make navigating the healthcare system easier and better. With a simple experience, our partners (here we do not have insured, we have partners) will have full health coverage from the first moment, no matter how small a discomfort or discomfort is in a video consultation, or how large or complex the hospitalization or accident. All necessary medical services are covered, regardless of the amount, without deductible and with direct support 24/7.” –  founder and CPO, Sebastián Jiménez Bonnet.

Currently, Sofía is made up of more than 40 experts in various professional areas, Mexican and foreign, including health professionals, engineers, marketers, actuaries, designers and mathematicians, who share a vision: to improve the way in which millions people take care of their health.

“Our vision and purpose are shared with the entire team, which has worked hard for more than two years to bring the Health Plan to light. We consider ourselves a health and technology company, in that order; our most important priority is the health journey of our partners, with special attention to the user experience, using technology to improve the latter.”- Founder and CTO, Manuel Andere.

In March 2020, Sofia announced a $6.3 million seed capital round, bringing its total investment above $ 25 million. Past investors include Kaszek Ventures, Ribbit Capital, Cavalry Ventures and personal investors such as David Velez, founder and CEO of Nubank