HawkSoft and Rocket Referrals collaborate to deliver agency management and automated communications in one package

Independent insurance agencies can efficiently discover, buy, and implement both platforms together in the HawkSoft+ Rocket Referrals package.

Today, HawkSoft and Rocket Referrals are announcing a new collaboration that helps independent insurance agencies discover, buy, and implement a comprehensive technology stack to position their businesses for success.

HawkSoft is launching the HawkSoft+ brand as a package that includes additional technology as part of the insurance agency’s tech stack. Rocket Referrals is now available as a technology package called HawkSoft+ Rocket Referrals.

The package combines HawkSoft’s workhorse agency management system with Rocket Referrals’ best-in-class automated communication platform. HawkSoft+ Rocket Referrals is sold, billed, and supported by HawkSoft. Agencies receive streamlined implementation that simplifies setup across both platforms coupled with live, coordinated training with dedicated account managers from HawkSoft and Rocket Referrals. HawkSoft+ Rocket Referrals also introduces the first single sign-on (SSO) between HawkSoft and a third-party service.

HawkSoft+ Rocket Referrals promises to help independent agencies acquire best-in-class policy management and automated communications capabilities from a central resource.

Rocket Referrals and HawkSoft have a long history of working together to push insurance technology forward. In 2020, Rocket Referrals used HawkSoft’s Partner API to automate syncing HawkSoft data into the Rocket Referrals’ platform. To help mutual customers to use HawkSoft and Rocket Referrals in tandem, Rocket Referrals introduced Sidecar as a companion app exclusive to HawkSoft in 2021. Rocket Referrals was the first API Partner to implement two-way API integration with HawkSoft in 2022. HawkSoft+ Rocket Referrals is the latest collaboration, using each previous milestone as a stepping stone to this new opportunity.

HawkSoft+ Rocket Referrals borrows the philosophy behind why independent agencies offer package policies to their clients. First, comprehensive coverage. Automated communications with insureds are just as necessary for the modern agency as a robust agent management system is. Second, convenience to the buyer. Instead of having to go through two separate sales processes to explore and purchase each system, the conversation can be had directly with one company. Instead of the agency tracking two distinct onboarding and training processes, the HawkSoft+ Rocket Referrals package is now centralized to HawkSoft with close coordination with Rocket Referrals at the right time. Any issue that comes up in the use of either platform can be directed to HawkSoft’s Product Support team, backed up by a direct line to Rocket Referrals.

“The independent insurance agency world is full of family-owned businesses,” says Paul Hawkins, CEO and co-founder of HawkSoft, “and yet not many of the technology companies that serve them are family-owned these days. HawkSoft and Rocket Referrals stand out as two family-owned, private companies in a sea of private equity and investment groups.”

Rocket Referrals was co-founded by brothers Torey Maerz (CEO) and Carl Maerz (COO), and HawkSoft was co-founded by Paul Hawkins (CEO) with his son-in-law Jason Hansen (COO) and son Sean Hawkins (CPO). Both companies have expressed commitments to remaining independent and privately funded. Paul Hawkins continues, “That independence and commitment to our values allows us to focus on what is best for our customers and what is best for our employees. I see that same level of commitment every time I interact with Torey and Carl.”

“We love HawkSoft, we love building on top of the platform. Rocket Referrals has done everything we can to build a special integration with full customization,” explains Torey Maerz, CEO and co-founder of Rocket Referrals.

“This collaboration is about enabling agencies to build better relationships with their customers without extra work. That is true with our original Rocket Referrals and HawkSoft integration, but HawkSoft+ Rocket Referrals takes it to the next level by making agents’ day-to-day even easier.

While HawkSoft+ Rocket Referrals marks a new frontier for both companies, they each remain independent through the collaboration. Exclusivity was never an option nor a request from either party. HawkSoft remains committed to expanding options and functionality via an array of vetted API Partners, and Rocket Referrals will continue to offer their direct-to-agency ClientCircle™ platform and integrations to other customers. The goal of supporting each unique independent agency’s needs made this an obvious decision for both companies.

HawkSoft has prepared resources for agencies looking to learn more about HawkSoft+ Rocket Referrals that are available at https://www.hawksoft.com/automated-communications. Additionally, HawkSoft also has an FAQ prepared for both customers and their other Partners to better understand HawkSoft+.

About HawkSoft

Since 1995, HawkSoft is a leader in management systems for independent insurance agencies that want effective workflows and a delightful experience for staff and policyholders. Created by independent agents, HawkSoft continues to evolve as a cutting-edge system that powers thousands of agencies. HawkSoft offers the following promise to insurance agents: your investment in HawkSoft will pay for itself in the first year. Learn more about HawkSoft’s unique father-and-son story at www.hawksoft.com/story.

About Rocket Referrals

Rocket Referrals is a leading insurance communications platform company based in Des Moines, Iowa. Since 2013, Rocket Referrals has been providing insurance agents across the U.S. with innovative tools to grow their business. Their software, ClientCircle, helps insurance agencies manage the complete customer journey, collect and analyze customer feedback, improve online reputation, collect reviews and testimonials, grow referrals, automate cross-selling, and send communications spanning email, text messaging, web chat, and direct mail. For more, visit www.clientcircle.com.

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