GYST is Now Cake

Cake , a Boston-based digital end-of-life planning platform, has acquired the GYST website (, an online end-of-life planning resource.

Founded in 2015, GYST’s mission is helping people address end-of-life planning by securing wills, living wills, and life insurance. The acquisition of will bring additional content and a set of engaged users to Cake, reaching more people actively looking for comprehensive planning solutions.

“As a result of this acquisition, we feel GYST users can have their cake and eat it, too. Our mission is aligned with Cake – by joining resources, we can better help people get these important documents completed.” – GYST CEO Phil Shigo.

Cake offers a free, comprehensive end-of-life planning platform that guides users to document and share their wishes for healthcare, estate, funeral, and legacy decisions. Users can create, store, and organize critical documents, then grant 24/7 digital access to their family members and loved ones.

“Since we began Cake, we have been talking with the team at GYST to collaborate and help people across the US tackle end-of-life planning. Cake aims to empower people to live in accordance with their values all the way to the end of life. This can only happen if we document and share our end-of-life decisions with our loved ones. This acquisition will provide an even stronger base of services for our combined set of users.” – Cake CEO Suelin Chen.