Gridwise raises $12.7 million

Gridwise, which offers an app for rideshare and gig drivers, has raised $12.7 million in funding led by Crosslink Capital, with participation from Autotech Ventures, Switch Ventures and Massive VC, among others.

Founded in 2016, Gridwise originally launched with a mobile app that aggregates real-time information across airport activity, local events, weather, traffic, and more, to help rideshare drivers boost their earnings. The app has evolved since then and users can now track their earnings across different platforms (Uber, Lyft), track mileage and expenses, and more. According to Gridwise, over 300k rideshare and delivery drivers use its free app.

The startup also has an insurance angle. It partnered with Kover (now Seel ) to introduce Gridwise Protection, an income protection and sick leave product for rideshare and delivery drivers. However, according to the site, Gridwise Protection is not accepting new customers at this time.

Earlier this year, Gridwise announced that it will offer users benefits from Avibra’s Dollar Benefits Store.