Goosehead introduces its Agency Launch Program

Goosehead Insurance announced the kickoff of its Agency Launch Program, an accelerated path geared toward recent college graduates interested in “building the skills needed” to own their own Goosehead Insurance franchise.

The Agency Launch Program is designed to give agents a head start at operating their own Goosehead Insurance agency. Participants begin in a corporate sales role to learn the fundamentals of the Goosehead business model followed by agency-building training. Through the program, participants will gain hands-on experience and learn different aspects such as building a book of business and guiding clients through the insurance selection process.

“To build a successful agency at Goosehead, one of the most important skills is the ability to develop a network of real estate professionals who refer clients to them, and then recruiting agents who can do the same. Our Agency Launch Program provides extensive training to equip agents with both skillsets.” – Brian Pattillo, VP of Corporate Sales.

Today, Goosehead Insurance has approximately 2,300 corporate and franchise agents.