GoodData Enters Insurance

GoodData, a San Francisco-based data analytics player, announced it is entering into insurance with the launch of two new analytical solutions – Underwriting Insights and Claims Insights – to simplify the claims and underwriting business processes.



“These solutions address two of the most important and time-sensitive areas for insurance companies: claims processing and underwriting. While most Business Intelligence tools require a separate pane of glass to deliver static information based on historical data, we’re bringing analytics and recommendations directly  into the business process so employees can determine the correct course of action within seconds” – founder and CEO of GoodData, Roman Stanek.


The company, which has raised over $100M since its inception back in 2007, provides an integrated set of data management, analytics, and insight application development and management tools across 4 verticals: retail, ISV, financial services and insurance.


Bottom Line: 8 weeks from onboarding to launch. Download the briefs here: Underwriting InsightsClaims Insights