GoCompare to launch point-of-quote fraud enrichment service

UK-based aggregator GoCompare has partnered with software provider CDL Software to create point-of-quote anti-fraud measures for GoCompare and CDL partners.

For insurers and brokers quoting through GoCompare, these fraud detection and prevention tools will enable customized, real-time risk management.

“We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with CDL, and our bespoke enrichment service will allow CDL partners to implement fraud and behavioural insight controls at point-of-quote through our website. These capabilities enable insurers and brokers to assess the risk in real-time and either decline the business or price accurately to ensure all parties are suitably protected. We’re very aware of the important role we play in the prevention of fraud for the industry and we believe it’s our duty to ensure our solution is easily accessible for all partners, so being able to offer our anti-fraud services through CDL will strengthen our ability to do just this.” – Fleur Lewis, head of fraud at GoCompare.

“We are delighted to have supported GoCompare to go live with this new enrichment service, which is a first in the aggregator space and gives brokers greater control over the quality of business they secure. Online fraud is an ongoing challenge for the sector, and this is a positive development to give brokers additional insight into their risk exposure and enable them to make business decisions accordingly.” – Nigel Phillips, commercial director for CDL.

“Fraud is a huge issue in our industry and it’s brilliant to partner with Go Compare and CDL to try and fight it at the source. The protection this solution offers us at point of quote is invaluable. It not only allows us to provide customers with the right price for the right risk but also gives us behavioral insights to help understand our customers even better.” – Adam Powell, CEO of SureThing, an insurance partner of GoCompare and CDL.