GoBear is now part of Finder

Finder.com , a global comparison platform founded in 2006 in Sydney, Australia, announced it has acquired GoBear , the online financial comparison platform that was launched as a result of a partnership between Aegon and Dutch venture capital fund Walvis.

The news follows GoBear’s announcement that it’s closing its business due to COVID-19.

“At Finder, we felt there was a great alignment between the two brands and, after three years with a light presence in the region, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to step in and purchase the like-minded brand. Like GoBear, Finder is committed to helping customers improve their financial wellbeing and our mission is to help people all over the world make better money-related decisions every day.”

Finder compares more than 200 different verticals ranging from personal finance products such as credit cards, home loans, and savings accounts to online shopping, cryptocurrency, and share trading. It has offices in Australia, the US, the UK, Canada, Poland, and the Philippines and services more than 10 million consumers across 80+ countries every month.

Going forward, GoBear’s website content will be integrated into local Finder sites across the seven markets, however, the GoBear brand will continue to operate via social media and email channels.