GloveBox is Coming Soon

GloveBox, the “mint for insurance policies” is set to launch on July 6th.

Based in Denver, CO, the GloveBox app will allow customers to consolidate insurance docs and find new products, while helping carriers and brokers “increase retention and revenue.”

The startup is led by Ryan Mathisen, Andy Mathisen, Sean Mulhern, and Drew Lewellyn, who all work for Colorado Insurance, an independent insurance agency led by Mike Mathisen.

“The conversations we’ve had with our carriers… we’ve kinda recognized and we’ve heard from them as well, that only about 20% of the consumers out there are really utilizing their portal – the specific portal that’s directing them to the carrier… Obviously that needs to increase – more consumers need to be plugged into the agency and through the carrier… We’re trying to increase that percentage drastically.” – Andy Mathisen, GloveBox.

Bottom Line: Keep an eye on these guys (fyi, Andy worked for Scott):